Anthony Costello

Anthony Costello is the founder and owner of Sound Active Events. He has worked in the entertainment business for over 22 years. His start in the entertainment business began at the young age of 12.
“The very first event I was ever involved in, after deciding I wanted to be a mobile DJ, was a wedding. After learning of my interest, a family friend who was a successful wedding DJ, asked me to join him one weekend and introduced me to the business. He took me in and taught me the fundamentals of being a great MC and a first class mixer. To this day I still think he is one of the best Emcee’s I ever had the pleasure of working with.”
One of DJ Anthony Costello’s greatest skills is the ability to vibe with his crowd during his events. Reading the atmosphere and knowing when and what to play, all while mixing it seamlessly, is where he truly shines. Understanding that no two groups are the same is a concept Anthony instills in all employees of Sound Active Events, ensuring that your guests have an unforgettable time. He is said to be one of the top known mixers in Westchester County & the Hudson Valley.